This is what "readiness" really looks like!

When Children Leave Preschool to Enter Kindergarten They Can...

  1. Participate as a member of an interdependent community
  2. Care for themselves, other and the community
  3. Treat others with love and compassion
  4. Cooperate with other children to accomplish group goals
  5. Celebrate group accomplishments
  6. Laugh and play with a tangible sense of joy
  7. Express their emotions with both language and art
  8. Be inquisitive
  9. Initiate new ideas and invent solutions to problems
  10. Stick with difficult tasks or come back to them later, in order to succeed
  11. Run, jump, tumble, and hit/kick/throw a ball
  12. Sing and dance with exuberance and without self-consciousness
  13. Paint, draw, sculpt and construct objects of beauty
  14. Maintain the community's special spaces in cleanliness and order
  15. Greet guests with courtesy and charm

Thanks to Tom Drummond of North Seattle Community College for this excellent list!