Flamingo Frenzy Hits the Islands

Several flocks of flamingos have been spotted in people's yards around the islands of Sanibel and Captiva. While these beautiful, pink flamingos may seem harmless, they are actually very territorial and capable of creating great conversation, laughter and even in some cases, good hearted revenge! In case you did not know, unless they are placed on someone else's lawn, they will roost on your property for a very long time! Removal of the flock of pink, plastic flamingos should be attempted only by trained professionals. The Children's Education Center of the Islands has specially trained Removal Technicians that you can call and who will remove the flock without harming them, for a small donation. 

If you would like to a flock a friend and support the Children's Education Center, please call the Flocking Hotline at 472-4538 and they will happily send GPS locations of your friend's address to the head flamingo in charge.