Place-based Learning on Sanibel

“Place-Based Learning”

Here at the Children’s Education Center of the Islands we are creating a “place-based” learning environment. Our intention is to create a place where our children can connect to and experience things deeply. Instead of CECI only being a “space” (walls, windows, ceilings) we are intentionally decorating our classrooms with visuals that remind our children of home and of Sanibel Island. We are creating a learning place that is filled with emotional connection and important social interaction. Even our lessons are focused on what is happening in our outside world. We discover sea grapes and leaves. We learn about snowy plovers and how they make their nests. We conduct science experiments to create water pollution. We seasonally focus on what is happening outdoors to create a sense of deep connection and awareness of the nature around us.

To help us create this nurturing “place-based” learning environment, our new local friend, Mary Klunk, has hand painted some of our blocks to represent Sanibel Island. With the help of her two grandchildren (Melanie and Benjamin) she created the most beautiful representations of different things you might see outside on Sanibel. Thank you so much Mary! Everyone at CECI loves what you and your grandchildren have created for us!

Written by: Kerra Pike