CECI Summer Nature Camp:

The smart way to have fun! 

At CECI summer camps, children discover the wonders of nature together. They'll explore our 5 acre campus during a week of sensory outdoor fun! We meet animals, examine natural artifacts, play games and sing songs – it’s a wholesome way to discover the natural world.

Each week features a different fun-filled program that will broaden your child's mind and stimulate their senses.

Camp Programs - 2018

Week 1 - June 4-8 - Shadows

Campers will explore light and dark through flashlight play, shadow puppets and fun! What other things produce shadows? (Note: This is a 4-day session. We will be closed May 29)

Week 2 - June 11-15- Wiggly Worms

Your child will love digging in the dirt as we explore the world of worms. Where does soil come from? How do plants grow? What lives under a log? What do worms eat? Hands on activities answer these questions and more! 

Week 3 - June 18-22 - Sensing Nature

Campers use all of their sense to experience the wonders of nature each day. We listen for bird calls, smell flowers, see wildlife, touch interesting plants and taste sweet berries. Campers also learn how different animals use their senses!

Week 4 - June 25-29 - Interesting Insects

What would it feel like to be as small as an ant? Let’s get out our magnifying glasses and take a closer look at insects that fly, float, and forage. What makes insects different from the rest of the smallest creatures around?

Week 5 - July 2-6 - Sticky Slimy Science

It’s time to make a mess. As we climb, build, and get messy, our miniature mad scientists will be learning measurement, physics, and chemistry in nature! Come make play-dough, float little boats, drop things from great heights, and much, much more! Join us this week to see science in action! (Note: This is a 4-day session. We will be closed July 4)

Week 6 - July 9-13- Water Everywhere!

Plants and animals need water for many reasons. Find out why during this week of fun camp! Campers venture out  to aquatic habitats for some muddy, squishy fun. Be prepared to get wet each day! 

Week 7 - July 16-20 - Fun with Flowers

What happens in the garden? Investigate the life cycles of flowers by planting seeds and studying how they grow. Find native flower and learn the roles flowers play in our ecosystem: Why do flowers smell, and why are they so colorful? Campers will have fun seeing the different colors, shapes, and patterns all around our campus.

Week 8 - July 23-27 - Wet & Wild

For the last camp week of the summer, Campers will be in for a treat with lots of fun surprise activities every day! This week will be a water day every day!

Please make sure campers are dressed for wonderfully messy nature & art exploration adventures! every thursday and friday are water days!

Camp Fees

5 days: Mornings Only $160, Full Days $200
4 days: Mornings Only $150, Full Days $180*
3 days: Mornings Only $130, Full Days $160

One-time New Family Summer Registration Fee: $75

*Note: Sticky, Slimy Science (Week 5) is a 4-day session due to the July 4th Celebration