Ms Cindy DeCosta

Ms Cindy’s passion for early childhood education runs deep. Even before she became the mother of 4 girls, it was Ms Cindy’s dream to run a preschool.

Her educational philosophy is centered around the idea that every child has great potential. “Every child has a different learning-style & different needs. The key is to find what’s best for each individual.” read more...





Ms Kerra

Ms Kerra been working with children for years. Before joining CECI as the Two-Year Old Class Teacher, she worked at Boulder Ridge Day Camp and as the Assistant Site Manager at the Simsbury Enrichment & Extended Day program in Connecticut.

Early childhood education is a passion of hers, and she loves knowing that she can bring experiences, knowledge & skills... read more...


Ms Joy

Ms Joy first joined the CECI family as the mother of a CECI student. Her son has graduated from CECI but, happily, Ms Joy fell in love with the community and has been a CECI teacher since 2014.

She believes that, just as the children learn from us, there is much that we can relearn from them. “Seeing how the children interact keeps my heart in this job.” read more...







Board of Directors


Kimm Cavanagh, President

Katherine Kemper, Vice President

Amy Costello, Treasurer

Katie Padgett, Secretary